Bizarre Fruits and Veggies You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

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The Striped Peppers


The striped peppers has the combined sweetness of the yellow and red version of pepper. As you can probably tell, these peppers were designed to encourage children to eat them. The red-and-yellow patterns resemble that of a candy cone.

The Broccoli Leaves


Broccoli leaves can be boiled, steamed, or eaten raw. They used to be a part of the broccoli that no one would eat, but these nutrient-packed leaves could save up to 4,000 tons of waste per year and could even challenge kale leaves for its superfood crown.

The Mangosteen


The mangosteen is originally from Southeast Asia but is now available in almost anywhere in the world. Its flavor has been compared to that of a slightly sour vanilla ice cream, a peach, and a strawberry. All you have to do to reveal its soft and white inner fruit is to simply peel off and discard the rind.

The Rambutan


The rambutan is also from the Southeast Asia and is considered as a more exotic version of the lychee. Bearing a size similar to a golf ball, this exquisite fruit has a creamy and sweet taste hidden inside.

The Pomelo


Here’s the last one on our list, and this fruit is also from Southeast Asia. The pomelo was introduced to Jamaica during the late seventeenth century, and that’s when it started to spread around the world. Once it is ripe, the fruit’s skin turns yellow or pale green and the inside can either be pink, red or white. It basically tastes like a sweet grapefruit with a slightly bigger size.

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