The World’s First Breaking Bad Themed Cafe Has Just Opened in Instanbul


Deniz Kosan, owner and coffee enthusiast, created Walter’s Coffee Roastery, a unique cafe that is inspired by his favorite television series Breaking Bad. The cafe can be found on Caferaga Mah, Badem Altı Istanbul, and it’s also the world’s first Coffee Super Lab. He has a page in Facebook, which provides people with a peek inside the Super Lab on a daily basis.

Check out some of the photos below that are all taken straight out from Deniz Kosan’s awesome lab of caffeine.


Pictured below, Deniz Kosan, prepares the coffee beans while wearing a yellow suit.


An amazing dish is served, which is even more delectable for the eyes.


You’ll definitely have the Breaking Bad feeling while you’re having your breakfast and gulping down your coffee on a mug that looks like a beaker.


Enjoy your breakfast with Walter White himself—well, a mini-replica that is.


An Erlenmeyer flask for a flower vase, beakers for mugs, and the periodic table on the wall as backdrop. Perfect!


Here are the boys cooking up their addicting caffeine ingredient, addictive enough to get people come back for more.


A customer enjoying her food and coffee in the best kind of way.


Whoever said periodic tables are boring?


They even have their own logo that looks cool and brilliant.


Just like setting up an experiment in any kind of laboratory.





Careful, these cupcakes are extremely addictive.


The secret ingredient for that exquisite flavor.


Look at that thing, it’s what makes those cupcakes so addictive.


Some of the equipment and tools found at the roastery.





Their proper mugs have the plain color of yellow, a hue that doesn’t make them any less elegant.


The way they mix and create their coffees is just like how scientists and chemists work on the laboratory.


The entire setting of their roastery has all of the right elements that’ll make you feel like you’re in the set of Breaking Bad.


Go ahead and have yourself a cup of coffee from this amazing coffee shop that gives you an unforgettable coffee experience.


What are you waiting for? Indulge your craving for coffee and your love for the Breaking Bad series at the same time. It’s definitely an experience you won’t soon forget.


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