This ‘Nutritious Burger Patty’ Is Made Out of 500,000 Flies

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In Africa, they have this exotic delicacy—a burger patty made out of thousands of flies!

Every rainy season, countless of small flies swarm above Lake Victoria in Africa. The clouds of flies are so thick it could suffocate a person. But it didn’t discourage people to go near it. For them, these pests are a good source of protein.

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burger patty

Its taste must be something because even bird species take part of the free feast during the wet season. But the flies are just so many that birds can’t eat them all, so the villagers have always had enough left for them.

Eating flies or any insect for that matter may sound disgusting to you, but to people who barely had food to eat, it’s heaven-sent for them. So the residents catch the midges and cook them as burger patties.

burger patty burger patty

To catch the clouds of swarming flies, one doesn’t need to have complicated tools. Since the flies almost block out the sky, pots and frying pans lined with oil are enough to catch them.

Once trapped flies are gathered, they are cooked like a regular patties except that this particular burgers are charcoal-black. Each patty is loaded with about 500,000 flies and is said to be seven times healthier compared to the average beef burger.

burger patty

Every village has its own recipe, and no matter how they cook it, it’s always sold out. It may not be the best tasting food there is, but in places where food rich in protein are difficult to attain, it will do.

One Reddit user gaz7527 who has tasted fly burgers in Mozambique said it’s  “pretty much tasteless.” Would you be brave enough to try it?

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