This Bizarre-Looking Cheese Is Colored Black and Is Made with Real Charcoal

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Have you ever seen a cheese with the color black? No, we’re not talking about a cheese covered in mold, we’re talking about a cheese that’s literally charcoal black.

A shop in Leasingham, England, is selling one of the weirdest cheese in the world, and it’s called Char Coal Cheese.

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The Char Coal Cheese was manufactured from the Manor Farm Shop, located in Leasingham, England. Despite it’s unusual color for a cheese, shop staffs have reported that people have been coming back for more. Also, it’s not just the color that’s black because the bizarre delicacy itself is made with real charcoal.

Assistant manager at Manor Farm, Dan Mansfield, explains what the cheese is made of. He says, “It’s a mature cheddar, but it’s completely black inside where it’s mixed with the charcoal but it tastes really creamy.”


He further explains that their only goal was to try out a brand-new cheese that came from charcoal, from the company that supplies them cheese. Despite its appearance, the dairy product was very tasty, so they cut up a sample block for customers and everyone who has tried it liked it so much, they ended up buying a whole cheese block.

According to Amy Birkin of Michael Lee Fine Cheeses, the creators of the charcoal cheese, they were simply experimenting with the concept of making a black cheese. They were able to then get the idea of combining cheese and charcoal when they heard that numerous mining communities around them needed help.


The company shared that what they created is the first and only all-black charcoal cheddar cheese in the world. The cheese is made with mature cheddar and combined with activated charcoal. Due to their amazing innovation, the Michael Lee Fine Cheeses won the Best New Idea award at the Farm Shop and Deli Show in 2014.

It is certainly a bizarre food, but it’s also interesting at the same time. It’s not every day that you see a black cheese and taste one for yourself.

The Char Coal Cheese is definitely a must-have if you’re a big fan of strange delicacies. Just remember to brush your teeth afterward.

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