Boy Gets Optimus Prime Cake for His Birthday…Its Transformation from Truck to Robot Will Blow You Away!



Kids love birthdays. They love sweets, cakes, and of course the sight of presents like robots puts them in kid heaven. This kid’s parents know that their son would be happy if he can have any of the three. Unable to decide whether they should just give him a cake or a robot on his birthday, this mom and dad combined the two instead. The result? A cake that transforms from a truck into a robot.

This transforming Optimus Prime cake which changes from a truck into a robot was made by Russell Munro and his wife for the sixth birthday of their son, who requested a Transformers-themed party. Munro shared a video of the truck-like cake transforming into Optimus Prime in front of the excited guests and a separate video showing the transformation of the platform itself.

Russell Munro used a 3-D printer to create a transforming frame for the cake that moves on small servo motors, and it was his wife who made the segmented Optimus Prime cake. Like all geektastic cakes, this transforming Optimus Prime birthday cake is super awesome.

The finished product of the actual cake hides the mechanism that makes it move. After the commander of the Autobots utters one of his most popular line, “At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall,” he then rises and transforms from a truck into his towering robot mode.





The transformation process from truck to robot and back down to truck is caught here in this video:

This video shows the 3-D-printed frame (without the cake) for a better look at the mechanism itself:

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