A No-Bake Cake That Needs Only Two Ingredients


Ooops! Your best friend’s birthday totally slipped off your mind but you don’t want her to feel bad you forgot about it. And it’s too late to buy some cake elsewhere.

Too bad, the only food on the fridge are two leftover donuts from a dinner two nights ago. And sharing the twosome isn’t just the most intimate way to celebrate your friend’s day.

In cases like that, here’s one cake recipe that will surely be your lifesaver. It’s easy to make and with very few ingredients. Did I just mention that it’s no-bake?

All you need are simply the donuts you have in your fridge plus some whipped frosting.

Cut each donut horizontally into four equal pieces. Be extra careful with the frosted tops, as that will be your cake topper.




Stack the pieces of donuts while putting the whipped frosting between each slice.


Cover the sides with whipped frosting.


Add the cake topper and the candles.







There you have it! The quickest cake you’ve ever made – not only as a lovely surprise for your bestfriend’s birthday but who knows, it might come in handy during busy days or when you’re caught in a tight budget. You can even share this recipe with your other BFFs!

Watch this video below:

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