This NYC Shop Is Making Rolled Ice Cream And It’s Mesmerizing …Yummy



A brand new store in New York City is serving traditional Thai street food you might have never experienced before: rolled ice cream. The name of the store is 10Below Ice Cream and they’re really serving something truly brilliant. Check out the photos below to indulge your taste buds with the use of your eyes.

Cocoa Krispies, Oreos, and mini chocolate chips are what makes up the Cookie Monster.

You have the freedom to pick a combination of flavors.

For only $6 (with tax), you can enjoy and share with a friend the Smores Galore, Cookie Monster, and Strawberry Shawty.

It’s totally mesmerizing to watch them make the ice cream and it only takes two minutes as well.

This is what happens in any ice cream maker, but this is a super-fast version.

To make your order, they pour a liquid ice cream and the mix-ins into a chilled metal container, which cools the combo as they chop in the ingredients. Then, they use a metal scraper to roll the chilled ice cream into scrolls.

Watch this:

Made from sugar, cream, and egg yolks, the ice cream base is the one being used to make other ice creams and it’s called crème anglaise. The result is an exquisitely creamy ice cream and with some thorough chopping, mix-ins are available in every bite.

The rolled ice cream deserves to be posted on Instagram for its sheer deliciousness.

You can also hold your cup up and take a snapshot of their beautiful mural, along with their whale mascot who is wearing an ice cream cone hat.

Toasted marshmallow is among the ingredients of the Smores Galore.

Chocolate syrup and chopped graham is available with the ice cream, too.



Introducing, the magnificent Strawberry Shawty.

On top of the ice cream, strawberries and graham crackers are added, not only as a garnish, but for additional flavors as well.

The location of 10BelowIn is at 10 Mott St. Chinatown.

During this summer season, these ice cream creations are the perfect way to cool down from the 90-degree heat that’s happening all around.


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