The Sinfully Decadent Oreo Ice Cream Cake


Everybody loves Oreos. Who doesn’t? It is creamy and chocolatey and perfect with milk. You can have it for snacks or even dessert. So, imagine if it is one of the main ingredients of an ice cream cake. That would be absolute heaven, right?

Well, that is exactly what Kirsten of Comfortably Domestic dished out to its followers. And, if you will try it yourself, you will definitely decree that it is one of your most favorite desserts of all time.

Oreo Ice Cream "Cake" |

Aside from the Oreos, You will Need the Ingredients Below

You’d Also Need to Do Some Smashing

smashing oreos

The End Result of Which – Cookie Crumbs

Now, Do Some Mixin’

Then, Dump Everything in a Pan

Cover It with Wax Paper and Compress to Make the Crust

Whip Yourself Some Cream

Get the Ice Cream Out

Slice the Ice Cream and Try Not to Eat Them Too Early

Place the Ice Cream Over the Crust

Smooth Everything Out and Seal the Gaps

Spoon Salted Caramel Sauce On Top

Spread the Sauce All Over

Freeze the Cake for 30 Minutes Or Until Everything is Set

Spread Whipped Cream Over the Set Cake

Then, Sprinkle and Top Off with Some Cookie Crumbs

Before Sprinkling Some Salted Caramel

Now, You Have Your Own Oreo Ice Cream Cake!


For the complete recipe with all its instructions, go to Comfortably Domestic. You will surely appreciate Kirsten once you’ve taken a bite of her heavenly dessert. And, if you do, let her know. She’d love to hear from you.

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