Dinner in the Sky: A Foodie and Adrenaline Junkie’s Heaven

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Are you an adventurous foodie and adrenaline junkie? Well, here is the thing that you can put and cross on your bucket list — the Dinner in the Sky.

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Think this looks like a carnival ride? Think again! This is Dinner in the Sky.

It may look like a crazy hair-raising carnival ride, but it is actually a dining service that started in Belgium in 2006, and now, more have been picking up on the eccentric idea.

The idea for Dinner in the Sky grew in the minds of a amusement park rides installation company The Fun Group, in collaboration with an agency Hakuna Matata.

Dinner in the Sky lets adventurous eaters enjoy a multi-course dinner 150 feet in the air.

When all are set, including the chefs, waitstaff, patrons, and everything they need for a nice meal, they are then hoisted by a large crane to mind-blowing heights. The restaurant features a Japanese-type of service like the teppenyaki or “Hibachi grill”, where the chef stands in the center while preparing the foods to be served for the customers.
In addition to a nice meal, restaurant goers get to enjoy their beautiful surroundings.
Worried about safety? Don’t worry a bit as the customers are safely harnessed. They can also turn their chairs up to 180 degrees to let them enjoy the breathtaking scenery that surrounds them from high above.

This is what the actual restaurant looks like when on the ground.

Since Dinner in the Sky is mounted to a crane, you can visit anywhere you wish. It can also be used and transformed as event halls for wedding venues or other like events — that is if you have adventurous guests.

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"Let me just give you a refill while you think about how far from the ground you are."

Now you can literally eat while touching the skies.

Watch the video below

Sure, I enjoy a good meal, but I’m deathly afraid of heights. Then again, if they have a good salmon dish or something with cream sauce, I might be able to talk myself into sitting through dinner 150 feet in the air. And if you’re okay with heights or wouldn’t mind a nice glass of wine and a heck of a view, visit the official Dinner in the Sky website for more information on how you can truly elevate your next dining experience.

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