New Yorkers Are Shedding $1000 for a Box of These Doughnuts Encrusted with 24K Gold



Now this is one classy cuisine!

In New York, a restaurant is causing a stir in social media after announcing that they had created a doughnut that is literally dripping in gold.

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The dazzling pastry was created by Bjorn DelaCruz of Brooklyn’s Manila Social Club. In addition to 24-karat gold flakes, DelaCruz says that it’s made with Cristal champagne icing.

Looks tempting, doesn’t it? Well, you can have them for $100 each, making the price for one dozen to go up to more than $1,000 a box. It’s expensive, but DelaCruz is confident it will be sold as New York City is well known to be the place for big spenders.

DelaCruz, who not only owns the Filipino restaurant but is also a professional chef, opened The Manila Social Club back in April.

This isn’t the first time his product has caused waves all over. One of his doughnuts made of ube became a hit in American markets. Ube or purple yam is a delicacy in the Philippines and is often used in a variety of desserts.

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