New Yorkers Are Shedding $1000 for a Box of These Doughnuts Encrusted with 24K Gold


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Even the star of hit Web series Broad CityIlana Glazer is a fan of the glazed doughnuts.

DelaCruz has incorporated ube filling in his gold doughnuts. He called it the Golden Cristal Ube Donut. In addition to the Cristal champagne, he’s added champagne jelly and of course the edible gold flakes.

“The reason that gold leaf and Cristal were added was because I love all different champagnes,” he told Web site FirstWeFeast. “I wanted to add something [to the menu] for the new year to celebrate how long we have been going.”

DelaCruz plans to keep selling out the doughnuts for the rest of the year as long as the demand is there. “I didn’t know people would go and order a dozen [of these] at a time,” he added.

He concludes that while the doughnut is supposed to be just for the holidays, he is very proud with the reception of his one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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