EatWith: Meet Strangers and Make Friends Over Home Cooked Meals


Traveling alone in foreign countries can be quite lonely… Eating alone while traveling simply magnifies that feeling. Its like when the skies open up and rains, but you don’t have anyone to call to bring you an umbrella.

Perhaps you’re just looking for normal company and conversation without any of the the traditional social stigmatisms.

If you’re looking for something social with dinner, then you might try the startup called EatWith, which hosts dinner parties at the touch of a button. Its Web site lets you reserve a dinner spot anywhere from Zaragoza, Spain, to Atlanta, Georgia. The service matches chefs from around the world with people interested in a home-cooked meal by a local resident.

Belén Gowland, an Argentinian chef who trained and now lives in Paris, opened her home and her kitchen to everyone. As you eat, take a look through the glass windows and be mesmerized by the beauty of the Eiffel Tower. She serves a meal that costs $63 per person, the Argentina Meets France and Beyond.



Once you book a reservation, you will receive an e-mail that contains a code, which you will punch in so you can open the door to the apartment/restaurant. You will be seated with complete strangers. If you happen to be a solo guest, you will be seated with other folks, whether they come as a couple or as a group.

Gowland came up with this unique way of connecting diners and making a much more satisfying dinner.



The opportunity is all yours to open a conversation with some strangers. You’ll may slowly realize that the world isn’t that big and everyone is connected to each other, in one way or another.

To complement your conversations, you receive the feel of a home cooked meal giving the impression of eating with family at home vice a restaurant.

It’s this home-like atmosphere that makes dining at EatWith a unique experience.

Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media give people the opportunity to build relationships that are just as meaningful as those they have offline; EatWith just amplifies those connections to the next level.

Although communication is only a click of a button, EatWith offers you the chance to meet buddies in a city of strangers, over a meal made by a professional chef, someone who knows exactly what to make to excite your taste buds.

EatWith proves that technology can also be a bridge for real human interaction, a dining experience where you arrive as a stranger but leave as a friend. A truly unique dining experience that everyone should try.



Check out videos below.