Find Out How Designer Creates This Lumberjack-Inspired Dessert …Yum!

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How about a cake that is fitting for a lumberjack? Would anyone like to have a bite? Not only is it sumptuously delicious, it is also scrumptiously delightful.

The dessert is created by Elizabeth Marek. If you haven’t heard of her, you can read her book, Visual Guide to Cake Decorating, and know more about her works and why she’s considered a master in cake decorating.

Just like her previous creations, the lumberjack cake does not disappoint. It looks so good that you’ll find it hard to decide whether to eat it or just keep it as a decoration.







Elizabeth shared that she came up with the idea when she saw her husband chop down a tree to be used for their Christmas display.

If you’d like to know how to make the cake, you can become one of Elizabeth’s patrons on Patreon or sign up on her Sugar Geek Show Web site.



Watch the video below.

Did that cake entice your taste buds? If so, then you better prepare for even more: