Size 6 Former Beauty Queen and ‘Professional Eater’ Tries to Eat 100 McDonald’s Burgers


Hold on to your table napkins, people, because this is going to be one hell of a food challenge.

Nela Zisser, 23, is a beauty queen who also works as a professional eater. Recently, she had accepted one of the biggest food challenges to date: consuming 100 McDonald’s burger. You’ll be amazed at how gulps down the fast food delicacy.

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The size 6 model says that she utilized different drinks and sauces to increase her chance of completing the challenge. She also said that she had been preparing for the food challenge.


Zisser aimed to beat the world record, which was set by a Japanese woman named Yuka, who ate a total of 62 burgers. But despite her efforts, Zisser unfortunately failed.

But it was still quite as Zisser was able to consume 11.8 lbs pounds of the fast food, which is equivalent to 45 burgers, heavier than the average weight of newborn babies.


Zisser’s challenge had her consume 14,560 calories in just two hours. An average woman only needs 1,940 calories a day, which means she took more than 12 times of what is required. At the end of the challenge, she was holding her head, chugging down water, and slumping over on her seat.


Zisser said that two hours felt like a really long time, and after the challenge was done, she didn’t feel so good. The former Miss Earth–New Zealand, who hailed from the town of Auckland, had done previous food challenges. Some of them included burritos, dumplings, curries, Big Macs, chicken nuggets, and cheese cakes.


Zisser shared her gigantic achievement on YouTube, and it quickly garnered more than 2,500 views. For a size 6 model, she was able to eat enough burgers to leave people in awe, even if she didn’t break the world record.

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