Minnesota State Fair’s Sumptuous Offerings

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Every year, the Minnesota State Fair is held for 12 days with the culmination being on Labor Day. This is usually when the state unveils its official list of new food offerings to the public.

This year, over 50 dishes made the roster for the New Foods in 2015. This means that the snack items you will see at the fairgrounds have been boosted to over 500 choices and these are sold in more than 300 locations.

So, if you are planning to head to the state fair this weekend, below are just ten of the choices available for you.

Minnesota Wild Rice Benedict Muffin

Photo of Minnesota Wild Rice Benedict Muffin

This English muffin cup made of wild rice, which comes with soft-cooked egg and sliced ham, is slathered generously with hollandaise sauce. It is available at Lulu’s Public House, which can be found at the West End Market, at the west side, south of Schilling Amphitheater.

Pretzel Croissant Sandwich

Photo of Pretzel Croissant Sandwich

Made of ham and grilled chicken with fresh spinach and Swiss cheese covered in chive aioli and honey mustard, this sandwich is served on gluten-free toast or on a pretzel dough croissant. You can buy it at the French Meadow Bakery, which is situated on the northern part of Carnes Avenue, between Underwood and Nelson streets.

Prime Rib to Go

Photo of Prime Rib to Go

This is Coasters’ thinly-sliced choice prime rib placed inside a soft bread cone with onion, sautéed peppers, and mushrooms with your choice of horseradish, au jus, or Parmesan garlic sauce on the side. Coasters can be found on the southeast corned of Liggett Street and Carnes Avenue.

Salad Named Soo

Photo of Salad Named Soo

This salad is made of cubed watermelon, arugula, min, basil and almonds tossed in chili honey lime sauce. It can be bought at The Rabbit Hole, which is at the Taste of Midtow Global Market at the east wall’s International Bazaar. 

Sara’s Tipsy Pies

Photo of Sara's Tipsy Pies

New to the Minnesota State Fair, this vendor offers five different types of hand pies that are bound to make you tipsy and these are:

Bapple: This is made with wild blueberries, applies and honey stinger mead.

2GINGERS® Irish Apple: This is basically just the classic apple pie with a twist – of 2GINGERS® Irish whiskey.

State Fair Rhubarb Blue Hunny Do – only at the State Fair: This pie is a delectable mixture of fresh baby blueberries and local strawberry rhubarb made with Hunny Do Wheat Beer and honey dew melon-flavored beer with a generous Hunny Do Tipsy Topping.

Salted Caramel Apple: If you want some caramel in your classic pie, then the caramel beer filling of this concoction will hit you in the right spot.

Maple Bacon Apple Breakfast (available from 8AM to 10:30AM only): This pie comes with a filling made of apples drenched in maple syrup with slightly spicy candied bacon bits and a beer glaze.



Sausage Sister’s Sriracha Sliders

Photo of Sausage Sister's Sriracha Sliders

Located at the east wall’s Food Building, Sausage Sister & Me offers a spicy dish with their crusty sliders made from “Great Balls of Fire” meatballs that comes with gooey Monterey Jack cheese at the middle and Sister’s Sweet ‘n’ Hot Sriracha Sauce.

Seafood Slider

Photo of Seafood Slider

If you are looking for some seafood at the state fair, then this lobster and seafood treat combined with mayo, garlic, red onion, lemon juice, celery, and breadcrumbs is perfect for you. It is served piping hot on a Hawaiian roll along with wine aioli at the Minnesota Wine Country, which can be found at the western part of Underwood Street, between the avenues of Judson and Carnes.

Shanghaied Henri’s International Tacos

Photo of Yucatan Taco

Below are the taco choices you will get from this state fair vendor:

Oslo Taco: This taco is made with peppercorn-rubbed pork that has been seared and braised and layered with some pickled cabbage slaw, Norwegian Jarlsburg cheese, red onion, lingonberry relish sour cream and apple-smoked bacon. It comes with toppings of pork cracklings and served on two tortillas.

Yucatan Taco: This choice comes with season chicken chorizo that has been braised in red wine vinegar and tequila and served with queso fresco, green cabbage and carrot slaw, cilantro sour cream and pickled red onion on a couple of flour tortillas.

Korean Bar-B-Q Beef Taco: You will love this taco with its marinated beef glazed with spicy soy honey and layered with kimchi. It comes with crispy rice noodle toppings and served on a pair of flour tortillas.

St. Paul Taco: This taco is made from braised beef brisket that has been simmered in Summit Villain beer and served on a couple of tortillas with cabbage slaw, caramelized onions, apple-smoked bacon bits, and horseradish sour cream.

If you want a salad bowl version of these tacos, they serve these as well.

Smokey’s Breakfast Burger

Photo of Smokey's Breakfast Burger

Smokey’s breakfast burger is made with hamburger and seasoned sausage with caramelized onions, applewood-smoked bacon, a tomato slice, melted provolone cheese, and fried egg. Smokey’s Char-Broiler can be found at the southern side of Murphy Avenue, between Cooper and Underwood Streets.

SPAM® Burgers in 5 New Flavors

Photo of SPAM® burger

SPAM® Burgers’ grilled burger with cheese and onions are available in Black Pepper, Bacon, Hot & Spicy, Hickory Smoke, and Jalapeño. It can be found at the Carousel Park, which is at the southern area of the Grandstand.

So, are you salivating yet from the choices mentioned above? Head on to the Minnesota State Fair now and get the food of your choice. Your taste buds and tummy will be pleased beyond measure.



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