Rainbow-Colored Carrots and Other Veggies

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How would you like to see Bugs Bunny munching on carrots with different colors? Must be pretty interesting to watch him try out these carrots we have below that look like they are being viewed from a prism.

Agriculture Research Service (ARS) from USDA displayed their bred of carrots with pigments that reflect most of the colors found in a rainbow. Here’s the fascinating nutritional fact of these selectively bred carrots:

Carrots with golden colors are known to contain a beta-carotene-like substance called Xanthophylls, which is good for the eyes.

White carrots are known to have phytochemicals.

Purple carrots contain Anthocyanins. They work as antioxidants and may reduce the risk of heart disease by slowing down blood clotting.

Red carrots have lycopene, which might be helpful in reducing certain cancers and is also known to prevent heart diseases.



Lutein found in yellow and orange carrots may reduce the risk of developing muscular degeneration and age-related diseases.

It was believed that carrots were originally purple or white, however, in the 16th century, these crops underwent selection and hybridization and became the orange carrots we know of today.


There are also veggies, aside from carrots, that display a wonderful array of colors. Check them out below:










Watch the videos below on growing different-colored carrots:



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