Give Your Loved One This Human Heart Cake This Valentine’s—If You Can Survive Baking It

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Hearts are the most common representation of love, so what better way to celebrate this swoon-worthy season than with a heart?

But maybe this wasn’t the heart you had in mind.

For those who have a cast-iron stomach, Yolanda of How To Cake It has created a cake that literally has the anatomical shape of a heart. You don’t need to be a surgeon to figure this one out, and we assure it does look pretty cool.

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Yolanda starts off carving a red velvet chiffon. It’s best to work with a plastic model for reference, and you’ll probably need to brush on that human anatomy too since the heart can be pretty complicated at times.

Yolanda then proceeded with draping the parts of the heart using some fondue. It’s all pretty impressive stuff especially with the chocolate oozing out of the veins. We’re not sure how many people have the stomach to actually slice through it though.

So now you have your very own version of a ripped heart for Valentine’s day. Admit it, you’re thinking about going for this because you wanted to steer clear of those lovey-dovey symbols that are too mainstream. The cake will be perfect for a party with all your favorite single friends because who says Valentine’s is only for lovers.

Watch the video below

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