IHOP Makes Delicious Pancakes …But What Makes Their Tweets More Interesting?

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IHOP has recently stepped up its Twitter game, if you haven’t noticed yet. Aiming to appeal to the social-media generation, the breakfast monolith appropriated a new style of tweeting.

IHOP expertly trolled the McDonald’s 24-hour breakfast attempt by hilariously mimicking the Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus feud, only a few weeks ago. Thus the IHOP #BreakfastBeef was born.

An article in AdWeek explains why IHOP sounds an awful lot like a teenage hip-hop fan. The article also proves that this new style of tweeting is no fluke. A simple “pancakes on fleek” tweet captured over 26,000 retweets (including one from Funkmaster Flex). The company’s new sound may alienate some Twitter users, but it is generating enough interest to capture much more attention than it’s losing.





According to Darrin Kellaris, IHOP’s digital marketing head, engagement is the name of the game. “Twitter for us skews younger, so it’s important to tweet the talk when it comes to that fan base,” he said.

Everything was going fine and dandy, until IHOP featured a nipply-looking stack of pancakes with the caption “Flat but has a great personality,” a tweet they now deleted.


Watch a video right here.