Italian Restaurant Breaks the World Record for the World’s Largest Calzone



Rulli’s Italian Restaurant, a famed restaurant in Middlebury, made history in 2014 after baking a 212 pounds, 23 feet, and 7 inches long calzone, successfully taking the Guinness World Record of the world’s largest calzone ever created in history. According to the World Record Academy, the stint served as a fundraising campaign for the Middlebury Boys and Girls Club.

When the cameras started to roll and document the event, Rulli, along with his team, worked their way into breaking the record. Also, the crowd of supporters began to stand by. They all aimed to double the current calzone record.

With cameras rolling to document the event and a growing crowd of supporters standing by, Rulli and his team worked their way into the record books with their goal to more than double the current calzone record.

Rulli said, “We’re hoping to hit anywhere from 20 to 24 feet long, and it should settle out at between 140 and 160 pounds”. He also described the gigantic calzone as to having almost 100 pounds of pizza dough, 25 pounds of pepperoni, 30 pounds of cheese, and five gallons of pizza sauce.

Each slice of the giant calzone costs $5. And, all the proceeds were given to the Middlebury Boys and Girls Club.



Mike Wilson, the previous record holder for the world’s largest calzone and owner of Loveshack restaurant, received recognition in 2003 for baking a 70 pound, 9-foot long and 22-inch wide calzone.

Brian Dwyer of the United States was also recognized by Guinness World Records for having the largest collection of pizza-related items. As of July 31, 2011, he already has 561 different items from various parts of the world. He started his collection in 2010.


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