This Japanese Restaurant Is Serving Strange Dishes You’d Rather Pay a Million Than Try

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If you are the type of adventurer who has a cast-iron stomach and would dare to eat most exotic of all foods, then this restaurant is perfect for you.

A Japanese diner is now grabbing people’s attention for serving dishes that you would perhaps regret eating.

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The shop is called Chinju-ya, and their specialties are something not even your daredevil friend would be willing to try. The chefs at the restaurant agree that it’s not easy to prepare the dishes, but they do it with pride.

If you are planning to pay this diner a visit, you might want to check what are included on their menu first. Some of them are presented below.

A slice of lemon—and some bugs


Their best seller: this yellow-colored dish called fried worms


If you still crave for something crazier, feast on this special lizard


And if you want to take it to a higher level, order a plate of crocodile meat


Or some scorpions, with all its eight legs still attached


They serve some deep-fried salamanders for lunch too


If this restaurant sounds unpopular to you, you’re probably the type who doesn’t read articles on the Internet. Chinju-ya is really famous now, and its visitors are all willing to pay the big bucks just to try their unbelievably rare dishes. This is something you should not miss out if you plan to go to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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