Here are 10 More of the Craziest Pizzas From Around The World …Number 2 is Quite Expensive


Who doesn’t love pizza? Admit it, sometimes a slice of pizza is so much better than a toasted bread during breakfast, a burger for lunch, or meatballs for dinner. When you don’t have the time to cook or the energy for that matter, a pizza delivery always comes in handy.

Pizza has been around for more than thousands of years ago. It evolved throughout the centuries and it has never stopped evolving since. From our all-time favorite tomato-topped pizzas with pepperoni and cheese, today we have hundreds of pizza choices that are created to give everyone the satisfaction they deserve when they feel the need to bite into one.

For the love of pizza, we bring you ten of the craziest and most peculiar pizzas from around the globe:

1. Chocolate-Covered Honeycomb

Can’t get enough of chocolate and pizza? The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company in Belgium has something better for you – their ‘Heavenly Honeycomb Chocolate Pizza’, which is made of 16 slices of milk and white chocolate-coated honeycomb balls with vanilla fudge and milk chocolate curls. One box of this pizza would cost you $30.

2. 24-Carat Gold Leaf

Sold at a staggering  price of $4,200 on eBay, this golden leaf pizza created by Chef Domenico Crolla is a unique creation with 24 carat gold leaf toppings in honor of James Bond. He called it the Pizza Royal 007 and it was bought by a lawyer in Rome named Maurizio Morelli. Known to be the most expensive pizza in the world, the Pizza Royale 007 is made of fine ingredients including Scottish smoked salmon, Dom Perignon-soaked caviar, venison medallions, cognac-marinated lobster tail and prosciutto.

3. Whole Shrimp Cheese Bite Pizza

If pizza and seafood are the best things in the world for you, then you need to taste this pizza in Japan and in Korea.

4. Squid Ink

Japan has another crazy pizza cuisine for seafood lovers – their Squid Ink pizza, which comes in different variation. If you are a fan of squid ink or your kids love playing around with black stains on their lips and teeth, this pizza is surely going to meet your expectations.

5. Swamp Critters

The Everglades, as what Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza calls it, is a special menu in the area of Fort Myers, Florida made of fresh swamp alligator, python bits, and headless frogs mixed with tomato sauce and mozarella cheese.

6. Guinea Pig Pizza

Guinea pigs are natives in Ecuador, and rightfully so, local cuisines put guinea pigs into their menus – in tacos, skewers or in pizzas. Called as Pizza de Cuy, this delicacy are known to taste like pork, but healthier as it contains low fat and cholesterol and high protein.

7. Crunchy Cicadas

If you are fond with winged insects like Cicadas, then you should probably visit Missouri and get a slice of Cicadas pizza. They are crunchy and nutty. They can also be found in other menus like tacos and salads.

8. Cheeseburger Crown Crust

In Abu Dhabi, Pizza Hut launched a new cuisine into the list as they combine cheese burger and pizza into one – Cheeseburger Crown crust Pizza. The yummy creation also comes in the classic condiments, ketchup, mustard or the resto’s signature sauce.

9. Pepper Kangaroo

Where else can you find a Kangaroo pizza other than Australia?

In one of the oldest pub of Sydney, Australia, The Australian Heritage Hotel, a renowned dish called Pepper Kangaroo caught the eye of both locals and tourists. It is pizza with generous chunks of Kangaroo meat baked with roasted capsicum and cranberries.

10. Cookie Dough Crust

Fuse sweet cookie dough crust, shrimp, potato topping, pumpkin seeds and raisins and you will have the Grand Prix Cookie Crust Pizza, which was made known by “Mr. Pizza” in South Korea.

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