26 Variations of Pizza You Should Try



In order to make a pizza, these three things are primarily need – sauce, a dough, and toppings. And from these simple ingredients, it is so surprising how the worldwide pizza industry has generated a $30 billion revenue, and how pizza-makers has spawned a variety of pizza dishes. While others suggest that there are only nine popular varieties of pizza in the United States alone, we think there are more of them. Some of them are listed below:

1. Pizza Strips

Pizza Strips

2. Prosciutto Pizza

Prosciutto Pizza

3. Pizza For The Lovers

Pizza For The Lovers

4. Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

5. Grilled Pizza

Grilled Pizza



6. Big Mess Pizza

Big Mess Pizza

7. For The Vegan

For The Vegetarian

8. Hearty Pizza

9. Pizza for Breakfast

10. Rucola Pizza

Rucola Pizza



11. Mac ‘n Cheese Pizza

Mac 'n Cheese Pizza

12. Bike Pizza

Bike Pizza

13. Sleeping Pizza

Sleeping Pizza

14. English Muffin Pizza

15. Big Ass Pizza

Big Ass Pizza



16. Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

17. Pizza Burger Sandwich

Pizza Burger Sandwich.

18. A Mini Pizza on a Pizza

Multi-Level Pizza

19. Cat Pizza

Cat Pizza

20. Tiny Pizza

Tiny Pizza



21. Angry Birds Pizza

Angry Birds Pizza

22. Blue Stuff Pizza

Blue Stuff Pizza

23. Home-Made Veggie Pizza

24. Sausage Fest Pizza

Sausage Fest Pizza

25. Cone Pizza

Cone Pizza



26. Pacman Pizza

Pacman Pizza

Although people are still arguing about the origins of the pizza, nobody can deny that it is one of the most popular foods today. And the variations of pizza dishes above proves it all.


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