He Wraps Bacon Over Potatoes and the Outcome is So Delicious



All of us are always on the lookout for easy-to-follow, simple, and delicious recipes. While some think finding such recipes are easy as pie, others have difficulties. So below, we will show you an inventive recipe, that can be prepared for any meals within the day – the Potato Bacon Cheddar Tart.





In the video below, Chef Michael Smith teaches us how to prepare a Potato Bacon Cheddar Tart. Although it looks visually pleasant, making it is not complicated. In fact, it can be ready in no time at all. He said, “This is the kind of dish that at first glance seems pretty complicated. But it’s also the kind of dish that you’ll impress yourself in your own kitchen”.

To make the tart, simply fill the pan with a ring of bacon. And then, slowly add layers of cheddar cheese and potatoes. Finally, wrap the bacon around the potato. Once it is cooked, allow it to cool on the counter.

The end product is definitely mouth-watering! As Chef Michael said, “It’s not often that you see perfection in the kitchen, but that’s what it looks like right there”.


Watch the video below:


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