These are Some of the Craziest Breakfast Creations of All Time


Breakfast way back when was just as simple as having cornflakes or toasted bread and a cup of coffee or a glass of milk. Eventually though, as time passed by, breakfast became an exhibit of crazy menus with stacks of eggs and other outrageous pieces you never thought would be great for your morning meal.

Blame Chef Gordon or the Food Network for making breakfast time more delectable, and probably more complicated than it used to be, but it’s definitely turning into something most of us are happy about. Probably, except for the moms who do the job.

So, if you want to break the humdrum of your breakfast meal routine, maybe all you need is to scroll down below and find inspiration on what to prepare for the next few days. This way, you can get ahead of your day with a crazily delectable perspective.

The Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream in the morning? And, why not? Satisfy your sweet tooth with pop tarts and ice cream if that’s what you need to get you going for the rest of your day.

The Bacon Burrito

Get loaded with bacon, sausages and burritos. After all, breakfast is supposed to be the heaviest meal of the day.

Subway’s Footlong Mega Melt

Get a meaty treat to start your day right with Subway’s Mega Melt made of pork sausage, bacon, fried egg and cheese.

Al Pastor Con Bacon Tacos

Al Pastor tacos just put a surprising twist to fit into your breakfast needs by adding a handful of bacon cuts into their tacos.

Biscuits and Gravy Casserole


We’re not sure how biscuits and gravy taste like when combined, but it’s worth a try.

The Ultimate Breakfast Hotdog


Mixing drinks at night is as easy as mixing hotdogs, bacons, eggs, and toasted breads in the morning.

The All-Day Breakfast Burger

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This bacon, tater tots, beef, eggs, cheese, and maple creation looks totally yummy.



Bacon and Eggrolls

Bacon and eggs are a perfect combo in the morning, so why not make a little twist and fuse them into one heavenly menu?

White Castle’s Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches

Tired of the same old waffle meal during breakfast? Take a bite of this fully-loaded waffle sandwich at White castle and taste the difference.

French Toast Grilled Cheese

Love it or hate it, this breakfast French toast is perfection in itself.

Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza

For the love of pizza, Tater Tot made a special pizza to keep your morning a whole lot better.

Challah Hangover Sandwich

You don’t need to sneak in for a grab of chocolates after your breakfast meal because this challah will give you chocolates, bacons, and bananas in one menu.

Carl’s Jr. Breakfast Burger

Burgers for breakfast? Yes, you can have one at Carl’s Jr. It’s made of sausage, bacon, and hash brown without compromising the burger factor.

Egg with Fried Onion Rings

Sunny side up is boring. Combine onion rings and fried eggs for breakfast instead, your kids will surely love it.



Pavilion Cafe Pancakes

A stack of dough with bacon and egg, topped with syrup will absolutely keep those hunger pangs out of your stomach until lunch time.

Philly Cheesesteak Breakfast Sliders

Cheese burger, steak, and breakfast essentials all in one. Yummy!

Soufflé Pancake

Bring along a friend to Bette’s Oceanside Diner in Berkley, California and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast with their soufflé pancake.

Carl’s Jr.’s Bisnut

Yes, you can have doughnuts for breakfast like this one from Carl’s Jr.

Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

If you are on for the challenge, this one is for you. The ultimate breakfast sandwich loaded with everything that make up a breakfast buffet.

Sweet Potato Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich


This may need a little more time, so if you have an hour or so to spare on weekends, you can try creating this menu and make breakfast a little more exciting.

Carl’s Jr. Double Loaded Omelet Biscuit

Carl’s Jr certainly knows how to spoil you and your breakfast needs with this double loaded biscuit.



Taco Bell Waffle Taco

Waffles and Tacos in one heavenly cuisine by Taco Bell.

The Hangover Quesadilla

Quesadillas are great for brunch or cocktails, but they can be equally great for breakfast, too!

Dunkin Donut’s Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich

When you’re business is all about doughnuts, you need to have doughnut menus round the clock. So, we can’t really blame Dunkin Donut for for the presence of this glazed spectacle on their list.

Burger King Enormous Omelet Sandwich

Burger King just showed us who’s the boss with this meaty breakfast menu made of sausage patty, eggs, cheese and bacon.

Spiced Mini Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches with Chicken Chorizo

Set aside your strawberries and syrup once in a while and give in to the taste of meat in this waffle sandwich with chicken chorizo.

The Mo’Betta

Another yummy breakfast meal you might want to try is this delectable creation from Shopsin’s in New York made of scrambled eggs, macaroni, pancakes, bacon and cheese.

Strawberry Nutella French Toast Roll-Ups

This one is a must try especially if you have kids at home. Nutella and strawberries is just so yummy together, you won’t think twice about doing this.



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