This Mother Wakes Up at 4:00 AM Every Day for This Daily Ritual…You Will Love What She Has Done



Since her kids were young, Anne Widya has been reinventing recipes to make them look more enticing. She uses fruit carvings and some other random cute things made out of food just to get her kids to eat.

According to her, she gets inspiration from her children. She said:

“I get inspiration from my 4 children, friends and everything around me. If I see a cute toy, or pictures from newspaper, magazines, books or the internet I will take a picture of it and think about how to recreate that using fruits, meat or vegetables.”

When preparing for breakfast, her food art normally takes around 45 minutes to prepare. But, that would be for three plates. The more details she puts on the plates, the earlier she has to wake up every morning. For lunch and dinner, she needs more time because she has to cook meat, vegetables, and rice before she could decorate the plates.


















Check out how she does it in the video below:


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