Unique Pizza Recipes You Should Definitely Try

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The delicious and widely enjoyed pizza is a oven cooked flat bread that is typically topped with tomato sauce and cheese. They are also complimented by a selection of other toppings like meat, vegetables and even fruits. First created during the 10th century, the modern day pizza we now enjoy today was first recorded in Naples, Italy.

As time progressed, the recipe for this classic dish evolved. Today, a variety of pizza recipes emerged creating one of the most amazing and mouth watering delights that anyone can enjoy. Whether it’s rolling them into one hot bun or sprucing up by tweaking a bit of the classic recipe, they still remain one of the most sought after treats in the world.

Craving for some easy to do pizza recipes? Then let these out of the box pizza creations to just that.

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Pizza in a blanket, anyone?

Add a Mexican twist to your Italian favorite.

Who knew pizza could be one great dessert?

This is one great flavor for a lollipop.

Yum! Pizza in a mason jar.

Swap your ice cold vanilla treat with these delectable ones.

Pizza fries, anyone?

Here’s an ingenious way to start your mornings.

Perfect for snack time, any time!

Who knew pizza could be healthy?

Braided pizza is the next best thing you need to try!

Dinner time just got better.

Pizza roll.

Why not turn pizza into a muffin?

For more pizza recipes, watch the videos below

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