Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Making Skittles Vodka


Vodkadistilled liquor, clear and colourless and without definite aroma or taste but making a colorful alcoholic drink is a great way to add fun and flavor to an otherwise basic drink. It’s really easy to make. Just buy some Skittles candy and dump it in a bottle. Give it a few hours to mix and you can have a great colorful infusion. These bright cocktails are a great addition in any house party. It gives a whole new meaning to tasting the rainbow.

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The Ingredients You Need

  • Half a gallon of vodka per flavor of Skittles candy
  • A large bag of Skittles candy (choose the “movie size” bag)

Single Serving or 25 mL Shot

Separate the candy by flavor.


One pro-tip we can give is that you leave out the green (lime flavor) or purple (grape flavor) candies because they create a strange taste combination that many do not find appealing.  If you want to mix the flavors, go ahead and skip the separation step.

Add six Skittles for every 25 mL of vodka.


Mix the vodka and candies until the Skittles dissolve almost completely. This ratio of six candies per 25 mL of vodka can be adjusted to your liking.

Strain the mixture so there are no candy particles.


With a small serving, you can decide which flavors you like best. You can then make whole bottle of your favorite flavor.

Making Bottles of Skittles Vodka

Pour out some liquid from the bottle. You need to leave some space for the candy.


Separate the Skittles by flavor.


Add the candies to the vodka at a ratio of 20 to 25 pieces per 350 mL.


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