Man Travels Around the World to Try the Different Pizzas Every Country Has to Offer

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What’s better than traveling the around world? It’s travelling the world with your favorite food in hand!

Phil Duncan is a certified pizza lover, and he happens to be a travel buff too. He has always dreamt of taking the ultimate trip of his life. And to do that, he combined the two things he loves the moth—pizza and travel. Yes, this guy visited different places around the world while munching on his favorite snacks.

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Il be getting so much use out of this costume #Halloween #pizza

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Phil decided to satisfy his wanderlust as well as his hunger by trying the pizza made in every place he stops by. He took pictures of him having a slice of pizza as he travels from one destination to another.

Phil shares that his love for pizza started when he ate a slice of it on a baguette in Disneyland Paris at 5 years old.

He has since visited over 30 countries across five continents and he posts his amazing adventures on his travel blog, Travel Slice—inspired by pizza of course.

Phil says that he is astonished that no matter how remote or traditional a place is, a pizza is always available for someone to buy.

Favourite day in Thailand so far #pizza

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During his trip, Phil discovered that not all pizzas are cooked the same way. He says that some taste great, while others are not even worth a second bite. For Phil, the worst pizza he consumed was the one he bought in Argentina.

Phil plans to visit the home of pizza, Italy, in the near future. He says, “When I go and do my pilgrimage, I want to do it properly, really experience it and hopefully learn how to make pizza.”

He’s also passionate about opening his very own pizza restaurant once he learns how to make it.

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