McDonald’s in China Joins the Colored-Food Trend …See What the Internet Has to Say


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McDonald’s China has jumped into the fray of the colored foods hype but was not well received by the people. The fast-food chain unveiled their pebbled-gray bun burger that is available in most China McDonald’s outlet until November 3.

This odd-looking burger has been the subject of some debate on the Internet. It is dubbed the “Modern China Burger” and consists of two pork patties, lettuce, bacon, tomato, and a yellow-colored sauce in between two gray buns. Some say the bun looks like chipped granite. Proud of their involvement in the off-colored foods market, McDonald’s China may have crossed a point of no return.


Aside from looking like an igneous rock, some claim that the color represents China’s position as the world leader in terms of pollution. Nevertheless, staff at Time Out Beijing still tried the questionable food, and their reviews weren’t half-bad.


According to a crew, the burger tasted like “Justin Beiber or Chinese fast food. So much fun to hate . . . but in my car, alone and utterly unwatched, you know I’m really enjoying it.”


McDonald’s CEO saw China as a potential high-growth market and promised a “modern and progressive burger company.” No one ever guessed that they’ll come up with gray buns as their trump card.


Gray isn’t a really appealing color for food, and anyone who’s tried McDonald’s sausage patties will attest to that.

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