The Most Expensive Pizzas in the World – Top 5 List


Practically everybody likes pizza. It is one of the most popular foods available in almost any city in the world.

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most expensive pizzas

These days, you can’t imagine living without pizza. It’s easy to make and truly delicious. Some people consider it a symbol of fast food. There are so many variants of pizza because you can put whatever you like on it. Since there are many different ways to make it, depending on your ingredients, you could end up with quite an expensive slice. Below are the top 5 most expensive pizzas in the world.

The Louis XIII

most expensive pizzas

The most expensive pizza is the Louis XIII. Making the dough takes 72 hours. The toppings include buffalo mozzarella with a dash of pink salt. All in all, it totals to $12,000 for this pizza.

The Favitta’s Family Pizzeria

most expensive pizzas

Many call this the pizza for lovers. It costs $8,200 dollars, and the toppings have sprinkled diamonds, which makes it one-of-a-kind. Because the price of diamonds fluctuates, the price of this pizza also changes.

Haggis Pizza


The haggis is really luxurious pizza, which has champagne-soaked lobster and gold dust. If you want to taste this culinary masterpiece, be prepared for the $4,200 bill.

Margo’s Pizzeria


One of the most expensive pizzas that was created in 2010, this pizza is decorated in gold leaf, has truffles, and buffalo mozzarella. If you want this golden pie, you’ll have to shell out $2,400.

The Nino Bellisima


New York City is known for its delicious food. At almost $1,000, not everyone can afford it, but just take a look at its perfect crust and delicious toppings. It will surely make your mouth water.

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