19 of the Most Mouth-Watering Food That is Found in Tech Cafeterias …Yummy!



Working for one of the world’s tech giants is everyone’s dream. Known for giving their employees great benefits, these Silicon Valley tech companies like Google and Facebook are lauded for providing their employees with access to excellent food.

To give you a glimpse of these amazing eats, we’ve rounded up photos of some of the most delicious dishes offered in the cafeterias of these tech companies below. While not all of the food found in these cafeterias is free, most of it comes with a significant discount for employees. What a treat!

Facebook’s largest eatery is Epic Cafe, and it offers a variety of healthy options.

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At Twitter HQ in San Francisco, tostadas are among the most popular dishes.

You can customize them with whatever super-fresh ingredients you’d like.

Over at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, you can nosh on some amazing soul food at Mama Penny’s.

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Dessert options might include these rocky road cupcakes.

Apple opened a brand-new cafeteria last year, and the menu is just as amazing.

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Here’s a plate of fresh shrimp tacos.

Google’s free food is the stuff of legends.

spicy bacon and grilled cheese sandwich with tomato bisque

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With close to 30 cafés at the company’s Mountain View, California headquarters, no Googler could ever really go hungry. Over at Charlie’s Cafe, one Googler enjoys a spicy bacon grilled cheese sandwich with tomato bisque.

And here’s something different: that’s fried chicken and mashed potatoes served in an ice cream cone.


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Harvest is Facebook’s salad bar, known for its healthy ingredients and long lines.

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This bowl of pho was also free for LinkedIn employees.

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There are also more unique dishes, like these Bulgogi nachos.

Bulgogi nachos!

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Food at Apple’s campus isn’t free, but it’s cheap for employees.

The tastiest 500 calories I've ever had. Halibut with a barley and nectarine salad. What are you eating today? #cleaneating #eatrealfood

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There are lots of healthy options, like this halibut dish that comes with a barley and nectarine salad.

The company’s Evolution Cafe has even made cheeseburgers animal style a la In-N-Out.

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Yahoo’s URL’s Cafe has some interesting offerings of its own.


Here is a red wine-braised octopus served with a crispy red pepper polenta and a piquillo pepper gremolata.

You could always grab a tiny, but perfect, macaron for dessert.

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This crawfish boil looks amazing.

crawfish boil

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This pizza looks delicious.


At Apple Headquarters in Cupertino

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Check out these bacon glazed donuts at the InCafe at LinkedIn headquarters.

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In San Francisco, Dropbox’s Tuck Shop offers delicious dishes like this shrimp noodle soup.

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