Pizza Pouch Lets You Carry a Slice of Your Fave Snack in Case of Pizza Emergency

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This is the invention that all pizza lovers will kill to have.

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Stupididiotic was the genius creator of the revolutionary Pizza Pouch. He and his team came up with the totally unconventional pouch by combining a necklace and a doggie bag, and their main goal—to make your favorite snack more accessible.

This incredible game-changer is now available online for  $8, and it’s the next thing you should be aiming for this 2016.


But as we all know, not all pizza parlors offer immediate hand-to-mouth consumption, so the next time you get a whole box but want to keep the last slice in case you suddenly crave for one, it would be best to carry your very own pizza pouch on your neck.

You don’t need to worry if it might spoil your pizza because this cool invention has durable zip-lock to keep the pie fresh and always ready to eat.



Stupididiotic confidently says that wearing the pizza pouch can make you more attractive and popular and that it will soon be the next delicious fashion statement.

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