These Restaurants Have the Most Stunning Views You Will Ever See in Your Life

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Their unique location and breathtaking views are what set these restaurants apart from other ordinary ones. These special restaurants offer relaxation and enjoyment. Once you visit one of them, the spectacular memory will be etched forever in your mind. Here are twenty wonderful restaurants that we know you would enjoy.

1.  Le Panoramic (Chamonix, France)

2.  Altitude at Shangri-La (Sydney, Australia)

3.  Le Café du Jardin (Eze, France)

4.  Hotel De Paris (Monte Carlo, Monaco)

5.  Skyline Restaurant (Queenstown, New Zealand)

6.  Dasheen (St. Lucia, West Indies)

7.  Caldera (Santorini, Greece)

8.  La View (Ubud, Bali)

9.  El Farallón (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)


10. Lana’i Four Seasons Resort (Manele Bay, Hawaii)

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