Say Hello to the Momofuku Milk Bar in Washington, DC …Why Did This Take so Long?


Washington, DC, is going through a rough patch lately. The Hamilton musical is getting more popular than all the senators and congressmen combined, the football team is facing controversies, and there’s that messy presidential election. However, there’s always a silver lining in every situation, and for DC, it’s that they are finally getting their very own Milk Bar after years of waiting.

New York and Toronto have their own Milk Bars, but citizens of the capital no longer have any reason to be jealous about them!



With the wide variety of sweets available, who will be the first presidential candidate to endorse Milk Bar and get that coveted “millennial city dwellers with a sweet tooth” votes? Seriously though, that’s enough sweets to bribe one side of the aisle to start listening to the other!

Milk Bar DC - Washington, DC, United States. Cookies, truffle and pie case


Milk Bar DC - Washington, DC, United States. Opening Day

Will this solve the issue of partisan politics in D.C.?  Probably not, but rest assured that Milk Bar is up running, ready to satisfy the thousands of fans one cookie at a time.

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