See How This Local ATM Is Now Sitting in a Gingerbread House …Wow!

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PNC Bank is doing something to celebrate the yuletide season. They made a gingerbread house. Yummy, right? But this is not just your regular gingerbread recipe. Because this is bigger than that—literally! They made a life-size gingerbread house, which also works as an actual and operational bank.

The edible building took a lot of tremendous planning. The local bakers in Philadelphia who were tasked to construct it had been putting together the pieces since June. The actual assembly took four days to accomplish, and the result is something extremely magical and tasty.


Gingerbread is an amazing building tool. That is why Bredenbeck’s Bakery used the delicious baked goodie to make a fully functional bank building for PNC.


The structure is comprised of more than 5,000 pounds of delicious gingerbread.


The functional gingerbread bank also has an ATM that is studded with gumdrops, frosting, and of course, gingerbread.


No need to worry about ants terrorizing bank customers. It’s business as usual.


Every single part of the building is completely edible and durable enough to withstand the winter season.


Creative director of Deutsch Inc. said in an interview, “We felt strongly that the branch should read as being a ‘bank,’ not a gingerbread house. [Our design team] drew inspiration from other great Art Deco buildings like the MetLife Building, Rockefeller Center, and the Chrysler Building.”


More than 5,000 visitors gathered to experience walking into a life-size gingerbread room. All the efforts were not in vain.

Onlookers are welcome to enter the marvelous building, says PNC.




Because of the Christmas-themed and edible facade, the people in the area are starting to feel the hype of the season.

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