20 of Japan’s Craziest Sweets

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If their candy is any bit of an indication, the Japanese have a very different view on sweets than Americans do. Varying from actually useful to just plain strange, their candy assortment is often designed with a dual purpose. Here are the twenty strangest sweets Japan has to offer:

1. Bust Up Gum

Are you a girl? Unhappy with your chest size? Well, the makers of Bust Up Gum claim chewing their product can make your boobies bigger and more firm. They also claim the gum can improve the look of your hair and nails.

2. Yuzu Kit Kat

It’s safe to say Japan has some odd twists on an English and American favorite, the Kit Kat bar. In this version, they add Yuzu (a Japanese cross between a lemon and a lime) and . . . hot pepper. Yes, hot pepper.

3. No Time Gum

Out and about? No time to brush your teeth? This gum is a brilliant way to keep your teeth clean. Simply pop it into your mouth and chew after a meal.

4. Suplitol Tongkat Ali Gum for Men

The makers of Bust Up Gum also make a gum for men—this one to enlarge penis size.

5. Echizen Kurage Candy

Already reported by Weird Asian News, this candy is made from echizen kurage, a 6-foot, 440-pound jellyfish. Developed by students at Obama Fisheries High School, this confectionary comes in the flavor of a combination of jellyfish and caramel.

Also available as cookies.

6. Every Burger

Have you ever craved a bourbon chocolate cookie that absolutely must be shaped like a hamburger? Well, search no more. Every Burger has what you need.

If chocolate is not your thing, but Burgers still are, then you might enjoy some burger flavored hard candies… Yum!

7. Ika

This concoction consists of dried squid covered in chocolate. Hey, why not? The French did it with ants, you know.

8. Okonomiyaki Drops

Another candy drop based on okonomiyaki, or “Japanese pizza.” Mayo, cabbage, and radish flavorings abound in this drop. Yum.

9. Grilled Lamb Caramels

That’s right: grilled lamb flavored caramels.

10. Pepperfruits

This particular gum is made of different types of fruit mixed with peppercorn. Hold on : this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Supposedly, peppercorn is a fruit. See? Fruity, peppery. Totally works.

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