20 of Japan’s Craziest Sweets

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11. Takoyaki Drops

A candy drop based on takoyaki, a food in which octopus is dropped into a ball of cooking batter, then topped with Japanese mayonnaise and green onions, this little sweet is said to “taste like a meal.”

12. Cake Soda

You may not be able to have your cake and eat it, too . . . but you can drink it. This lovely light soda is sure to give you tooth decay. But hey, after drinking you can always pop in a piece of No Time Gum.

13. Chocolate Beer

To be fair, the Japanese aren’t the first to mix beer and chocolate. Perhaps the makers thought they’d kill two pleasures with one stone.

14. Green Tea Milk Kit Kats

What? No time for that cup of green milk tea? Get it in your Kit Kat bar.

15. Campaign Candy

It seems Japan was as interested in American’s elections in 2008 as Americans were. They made candy with Obama’s and McCain’s likeness, as well as candy pieces that said, “Vote.”

16. Drug Candy

No, this isn’t what you’re thinking. It’s just candy spiked with supplements to give you energy or increase your brain function.

17. Chocolate art

These sweets are pure chocolate, but the reason they are manufactured may sound a little weird to American women: in Japan, Valentine’s day is for men, and these chocolates are given to men from women on Valentine’s day.

18. Gummy Choco

Please. You know you love gummy candy with a . . . chocolate coating.

19. Coffee Chewing Gum

For that long-lasting coffee breath. Come to think of it, we have this, too. It’s called Starbucks.

20. Deviled Egg Candy

Not sure what the appeal is of candy shaped like real food, but this one misses the boat if you’re looking for that charming real egg depression for the “yolk.”

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