Burger King Gave Customers a Black Surprise …But Its Green Result Had Them Freaking Out


Halloween’s coming, and pretty much everyone is in for anything scary. Costumes, parties, trick-or-treats, and of course, food! When it comes to food, the spooky season calls for us to let our creative side do some work. We customize basically anything we find in our kitchen.

Last time, we heard about a skull-shaped pizza, now Burger King joins the game and releases something that sure is tasty but looks . . . black. Introducing Burger King’s Halloween Whopper.

Here’s Burger King’s amazing treat for the Halloween

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But make sure you’re patient enough to wait until you reach the toilet for a not-so-pleasant surprise. One customer tweeted about his poop turning blue-green poop after he ate a Halloween Whopper. You see the picture below? Yes, that’s a used toilet paper from one of the customers who ate a Whopper. It’s exactly what you think.

Why, Burger King?



Would you want to take the risk?

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Despite its appearance and crazy surprise, it tastes absolutely great



Trick or treat!