This DIY Edible Jell-O Aquarium Will Make Your Kids’ Summer Sweeter

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Sweets are a thing for kids. They have the taste buds for anything that tastes like sugar. Children’s liking for sweets does not come arbitrarily. Some findings suggest that this has a biological basis and is related to kids’ high growth rate. When kids get old, their preference for sweetness declines.

But if you are a parent, as long as your kids love sugar-tasting food, you would want to give it to them. While candies are just in the corner, they can get too fed up with it. So here’s a way to make their memories with sweets more exciting.

Jell-O has been a big name when it comes to sweets. Offered in different flavors and colors, this product could just be all toddlers’ favorite. When added with fruits, vegetables, and whipped cream, Jell-Os can be molded into different shapes, and this advantage gives birth to a new way of making this snack more fun to eat—the Jell-O aquariums. With this, not only will your kids enjoy staring at a little aquarium, they will also have something to feast on.

All you need to prepare are boiling water, a box of Jell-O berry blue favor gelatin, ice cubes, cold water, chopped vanilla wafers, marshmallows cut in half, and fish candies.


Mix the Jell-O and add boiling water to it and stir for two minutes. Add ice cubes to cold water and mix it with the gelatin. Stir and refrigerate the mixture for 15–20 minutes. Prepare the aquarium jar and add the wafers and the marshmallows. Continue to stir the gelatin mix till it is set, but make sure it is not firm. Pour it into the jar and refrigerate the result for an hour or so until it becomes firm. When ready, put the candies that will serve as fishes.







This Jell-O is perfect for the summer. If your family cannot go to the beach because of more important matters, this easy-to-do Jell-O will still give your kids the beach experience. It is also one great way to accommodate their craving for sweets while they have it.



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