When Fast Food Restaurant Crews and Customers Misbehave

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We get it, working in fast food industry is not easy and it never will, but it doesn’t mean fast food crews can just screw up their customers because they are having really tough day at work. On the other hand, just because competition is tight doesn’t mean fast food restaurants can bring their craziest stunts to attract customers and be on top of the industry.

Check out below photos of crews, fast food marketing schemes and customers behaving very badly.

Not so Child Friendly

No dear, that is Ronald McDonald, not the Boogeyman.

But there are still fries, right?

So McDonalds are now serving Halal foods?

“I’m Lovin’ It!”

Wait, he also loves Pizza Hut, Burger King and KFC.

Poor Chariot

These twins were seen in McDonald’s drive-thru waiting in line.



Ronald McDonald just lost his way

So Ronald McDonald is asking directions from Burger King then.

A Tank is missing

Breaking news, a tank just lost his way to the battle, fortunately he was seen on a drive thru.

Think Outside the Bike

Running Out of Food at the Reception?

This couple have to run to the nearest fast food because they are running out of food.

Watch your back



Because the line inside is too long

When the line inside the restaurant is too long, go for a drive thru. Just make sure you have a car with you.

So this is why McDonald looks so happy

Don’t take drive thru literally

A great way to spend the after party

Instead of going to bars after prom, why don’t you go to McDonald and get some ice cream?

“We accept cash, credit card, or a baby”



Angry McDonald

Don’t ever mess up with Ronald McDonald.

Feel at home

In shining armor and cold drinks

The naked truth is truly not that bad

Losers, apply here



No matter what happens, fast foods will always be here to fill up our empty stomachs whenever we need it. So bottoms up and grab some fries today.


Check out videos of misbehave people below:



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