How This Chinese Snack Is Cooked Will Make Your Stomach Churn

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When you get the chance to step on a foreign land, you make sure to try out all the delicacies they have, right? But here’s a suggestion: if you happen to visit China, think twice before doing so. Here’s why.

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The people in the Chinese city of Dongyang have named tong zi dan as one of their favorite snacks during spring. It’s also known as the virgin eggs. It sounds pretty normal, but if you know how they’re cooked, you might want to go back to your home country.

Tong zi dan, which means “boy egg”, is basically some eggs boiled using the urine of young boys.



How do they make it? They place eggs in a container of boiling urine, crack them, then putting them again in a pot of urine to add some flavor.




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