This Mom Transforms Regular Meals Into Something Amazing …You Will Be Drooling

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Moms have different ways of showing their love to their children. Every day, they do little things to let their kids know how precious they are to them and these include giving them lots of hugs and kisses, tucking them into bed at night, reading them bedtime stories, playing with them in the rain, and making their favorite meals.

However, it cannot be denied that there are really moms who have a different way at being mothers than others. There are those very creative ones, who just do not make meals. They make breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners that are not just delicious, but are also quite pretty to look at (in fact, they are so pretty, you might not want to eat them at all). And, one of these moms is Danessa Onglatco from Cebu City, Philippines.

A mom of three beautiful kids, who took up Hotel and Restaurant Management in college, Danessa pours a lot of love into the sandwiches and boxed meals she makes for her children. She puts so much care into these bento meals and sandwiches that they end up looking more like artworks than simple food. And, they are not just adorable-looking, they are healthy as well. Her boxed meals also contain fruits and vegetables, thus providing her youngsters well-balanced nourishment.

To understand what we mean, check out the images of Danessa’s creations below:

The Bug Sandwiches

Beary Good Sandwiches

The Hare-y Sandwich

The Olaf Egg and the Blue Parasol

The Open-Faced Ladybug Sandwiches

The Panda-Shaped Rice

The Bear Egg and Ham Butterfly

The Pig Egg Under the Moon and Stars

Baby Bear Driving Along on a Sunny Day

Bunnies Under Their Blankies

The Graceful Bunny Ballerina

The Clown

The Little Piper Girl

The Boy Making Some Music

Paying Homage to Cebu, Philippines’ Sto. Niño

The Bear Face

Piggy, Piggy, Oink!

These Animals Are Headed Somewhere, That’s For Sure

The Asian Kiddos

The Balloon-Toting Children

The Hearty Panda Bears

The Zebras

The Girl and Boy Hippos

The Pink Cat

The Froggy in the Marsh

The Cute Bear and Her Pink Ribbon

The Cutesy Pink Elephant

My Melody

The Goofy Brothers

The Girl and Her Side-swept Curls

The Three Little Piggies

The Little Girl in Her Cute Panda Hat

The Little Boy in His Cute Panda Hat

The Lady Walrus

The Male Walrus

The Jumping Rabbit

The Dolphin

The Panda Family

Hello Kitty and Friends

Momma Hen and Her Chicks


Kitty, Kitty, Meow!

The Island in the Sun

The Swan in the Reeds

The Blue Bird


The Baby Penguin

Bob, The Minion

The Girl in the Pink Kimono

Now that you’ve seen the creative bento meals made by Danessa, you can really feel how much she loves her children. The painstaking amount of time she spends on making their beautiful meals is one of the best proofs of that.


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