This Cool Café Just Invented A Nutella Doughnut Milkshake …Yes, I am Serious


In life, there is always that one moment or that one food that will redefine the way you look at things or will make you giddy with discovery. And, this is exactly what is happening at the Foodcraft Espresso Café. Scroll down below to understand what we are talking about.

This food is definitely one glorious mess – the Tella Ball Shake.

Heaven in a cup ? #bejealous #tellaballshake #threechocolateers

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This is more like a Nutella milkshake, but topped with almost anything under the sun.

The Tella Ball Shake only happens when you combine milkshakes, Nutella, and doughnuts, of course.

It is made using the two most popular dishes of Foodcraft Espresso Café – the Nutella-filled doughnuts and the chocolate shake.

Apparently, these customers are happy and satisfied with what they are having.

If you wish to try this, you’ll have to go at Foodcraft Espresso Café in the Land Down Under. But if you think you can’t go, well then, we guess you just have to dream.

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