Rainbow Doritos Are Making Waves on the Internet …See What People Are Saying

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Doritos has recently partnered with It Gets Better, a project by Dan Savage that hopes to inspire people facing harassment issues, to offer the all new Doritos Rainbows. But, don’t expect it to be sold in the snacks section of your favorite grocery store. You can only find it on the website of It Gets Better, where it can be acquired with a donation of at least $10 or more.

What’s good about this venture is that Doritos isn’t looking forward to making a huge profit. All the proceeds will be given to charity.

As stated on the website:

DORITOS® supports the bold lives our fans lead—all of them.

Though Doritos is doing such a great charitable act, do they really have to make their chips colored? Well, with regards to the taste, these chips are actually flavored Cool Ranch.

The world has embraced Doritos Rainbows by sharing positive comments about it on social media. Instagram user @the_spaghetti_addict69 posted a photo of the odd-colored Doritos, captioned with, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

Twitter users also shared their opinion about Doritos Rainbows. Below are some of their tweets:




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