McDonald’s Has Secret Menu Items They Have Been Hiding From You!



The vast majority of people who enjoy having a meal at McDonald’s have asked: Is there some sort of secret menu at McDonald’s? Does McDonald’s really have a confidential menu? The answer: Yes!

We uncovered some of them and we offer you the full list of McDonald’s “hush-hush” menu items which includes all of the best menu options available. This list will certainly come in handy and it will also make your every McDonald’s meal a happy one. So, just go ahead and choose your favorite McDonald’s confidential menu item and order away!

Filet-O-Fish and Chips

Let’s start off with this amazing delicacy. You already have your Filet-O-Fish with a side of tasty fries, but you can take your whole order to the next level. You can add those “chips” to your sandwich. Want to have a bigger bite? To unlock the secret, arrive at 10:35, when they serve breakfast and lunch together and just add hash browns for that gargantuan crunch you desire. You’ll obviously want a side of fries to top it off.

McCheese Fries

Now, if you find the succulent and greasy deliciousness of McDonald’s fries a bit lacking, just go ahead and do what everyone does: add cheese. When you order your burger, make sure they put extra cheese on it. Once you get it, simply transfer the cheese onto your steaming and tasty fries. You’ll have your very own melty McCheese. A gooey and delectable treat.

Fries with Big Mac Sauce

You know that secret sauce that you just can’t get enough of in the Big Mac? Imagine that very sauce all over your fries. Yes, that’s definitely possible! Introducing the enchanting combination of Mac sauce and fries. A mix between Europeans’ strange tendency to immerse everything in mayo and Americans’ affinity for ketchup. Yum yum!


This elusive menu item is only available in March. With this one, you won’t have to seek out a rainbow and slide all the way down to the end just so you could get the bounty because this shake is promptly obtainable for your taste buds. The McLeprechaun shake is the Shamrock Shake plus the chocolate shake. It’s a two in one offer that’s both irresistible and glorious.

Biscuits and gravy

There is a fast food must-have in the South. It is said that these creamy gems will make you curse your local McD’s should you be visiting a restaurant that serves it. It is the McDonald’s biscuits and gravy. You can also check what other menu items you can get them to add gravy to, in case you’re feeling really rowdy. One of which, is the egg white McMuffins. It’s already delicious, but it would be about 100x more delicious with some gravy exuding out the sides.

Root Beer Float

This one is very simple, yet it is a wonderful fountain of treat. You can get the amazing people at McDonald’s to add their creamy soft serve ice cream on top your root beer for a thirst quenching fast food treat. You just have to ask them nicely and they’ll do it for you in a whim.

Bulletproof McCafe

Have you heard about the Bulletproof trend taking the foodie world by storm? It’s called the Bulletproof McCafe. If you’d like to try it, the process is quite simple. When you order the morning cup, don’t forget to ask for a few butter packets and begin to stir. Not only would you have put a twist in your coffee, you’ll also be enjoying an amazing morning unlike any before.





The Brunch Burger

Have you ever wanted the savory lunchy-ness of a double cheeseburger and the fatty goodness of an egg altogether? You can actually do so. Just take the egg from an Egg McMuffin and layer it on to your Daily Double or Quarter Pounder and voila! You now have your very own brunch burger! Don’t forget to throw some hash browns too. Just be sure to order in that magical half hour between 10:30 and 11.

Big McChicken

This one is full of meat and fried things all over the place. In this one, the chicken patties replace the bun. Yes, you heard me, the chicken patties replace the bun. This is either a dieter’s worst nightmare or an Atkins-lover’s dream and it is also similar (in a way that is) to the gut-busting Double Down at KFC.

Maple Bacon CinnaMelt

This is for the all the sweet-tooth out there. Remember that delectable Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit? Throw the bacon onto your Cinnamon Melts and pour a packet of syrup for a sweet bite which is way better than a musty doughnut from the local shop.

Ice Cream Sandwich

This is the perfect $2 dessert. It’s cookies + soft serve. Bon appetit.

Irish Nachos

Do you fancy a sort of Mexican/Irish snack? Simply add the cheese and peppers from your Jalapeno Double to a side of fries. You can also add a little bit of “ground beef” on top of your creation. For an added kick of spiciness, ask for an extra side of jalapenos.

Apple Pie a la Mode

Having a hard time deciding what to have for dessert? Well, why don’t you get both? Order a vanilla soft serve cone with baked apple pies for a treat worthy of your exquisite taste. Or better yet, mix all of it together for the most delicious apple pie ice cream sundae you can ever dream of.

Monster Mac

If a McKinley Mac isn’t enough for your insatiable hunger, then prepare yourself for the Monster Mac! It consists of eight pieces of Mac meat to create this beast which probably contains more calories than the advisable consumption for a week, let alone in one burger. Make sure you stretch properly before consuming this colossal burger.





Coke Float

Do you like chocolate ice cream? Do you like coke? Would you like to have both altogether? Then you’re in for a treat, because coke can be paired with ice cream. It’s some sort of crazy delicious pairing that you can definitely experience for yourself at your local fast food shop.

Mega Potato

As secretive as it is, it actually does exist. In Japan, you can order the McDonald’s Mega Potato for a limited time only. This gigantic 1100+ calorie spectacle of french fires equivalent to two American-sized large fries orders. There’s no word if whether the Japanese are aiming to take down this calorie-loaded serving solo or if they’re sharing the giant serving as it’s intended.

Pie McFlurry

Now, this is the most badass thing you can do. It may make you feel like a total fat kid, but you’ll be the king of all the fat kids when you decide to order this. Buy a pie and have it blended into your McFlurry then boom! You have an explosion of flavor in the grasp of your hand.

Poor Man’s Big Mac


Have you ever ran low on budget yet you were craving for a Big Mac which costs about $3.99? Well worry no more! For only $1.49, you can have this delicious thing of beauty. It’s difference from a regular Big Mac is that the piece of bread in the middle is gone! It’s basically a scrumptious McDouble with extra lettuce and Big Mac Sauce. Muy Bien!

McMocha Ice Cream

Too tired when waking up in the morning? Would you like the rush you need? With this menu item, not only will you have a rush, but you’ll have a morning sugar rush! Add a twist to your McCoffee Float by adding some cold soft serve for your very own morning snack for grown ups.

Land, Sea & Air Burger

This one sounds like a little bit of overkill, but once you have this animal party grooving in your mouth, you’re never going to go back to a world of suckers where they only eat ONE kind of animal at a time. Combine a beef, chicken AND Filet-O-Fish patty between a very strained bun and you’ve got a burger with animals from all walks of life!

McDessert for Breakfast

Who says cookies aren’t meant to be ordered for breakfast? Deviate from the standard and crumble them up, then add them to your McFrappe Mocha for a chocolatey and chunky coffee morning shake.





All American

This treat is one of the proof that simplicity is beauty. It’s a normal-size hamburger with just pickles and ketchup. With this one, there’s no need to get fancy. Besides, we all know that pickles make everything better. This simple treat will surely put a smile on your face without making your wallet cry.


This one involves some DIY, but if done so, you’ll never be ordering plain pancakes ever again. Order hotcakes and a yogurt parfait then combine them into a delicious breakfast worthy of the finest brunch restaurants.

Grilled Cheese

Another simple yet delicious treat. It’s a plain bun with only grilled American cheese inside. Besides, you didn’t really want a meat patty distracting you from your gooey and succulent cheese anyway.


The McGangBang -as it’s colorfully known- is achieved by stuffing a Dollar Menu chicken sandwich into a double cheeseburger. The result is a massive sandwich that costs about $2 and it totally gives a new meaning to more bang for your buck. This gargantuan also originated in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Neopolitan Milk Shake

This milk shake is similar to like In-N-Out’s. It’s vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream are blended together, with the exception of McDonald’s version which is layered and not swirled. Don’t forget to pass that straw through all the lip smacking layers.

McKinley Mac

If you’re up for a meaty treat, ask your McD server for this special order burger that’s almost as majestic as the highest peak in North America (if you’re not familiar with it, it’s Mount McKinley). A Big Mac with Quarter Pounder patties, the McKinley Mac will make you feel like the former US President.

Animal Style McCheese Fries

If you think In ‘N’ Out is the only place to get wild on your cheese fries, you’re definitely mistaken. The Animal Style McCheese Fries is an animal-style perfection experience which saves you the trouble of driving to California. Ask for an extra side of Big Mac sauce when you order your Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger, then add cheese and onions (from your burger), and the sauce to your fries and after that, all you have to do is chow down.




Chicken and Waffles

Now, there’s no better way to start (or end) the day than having a McGriddle sandwich. We all know that Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles as the leader in combining breakfast foods and fried deliciousness, but do they have a sandwich with chicken in the middle? No, no they do not. The McGriddle sandwich can only be found under the golden arches and it’s definitely mouthwatering.


This is probably the most incredible combo known to man. It’s a combination of breakfast and lunch burger goodness. All you have to do is arrive at McDonald’s during that fleeting window when both the breakfast and lunch menu are served (usually only between 10:30 and 11:00am). Order a McDouble and an Egg McMuffin. Simply combine them and enjoy all the way.

McFancy Aoli

Tired of the monotonous ketchup? Go ahead and combine a packet of aoli (a fancy mayo) with a packet of hot sauce (or any of their sauces) for a spicy condiment that’s 10x better than ketchup.

2 Cheese Burger Meal Mac

This combo isn’t really a secret because it’s common to ask for a couple of things on the menu to be combined and served to you, but a tasty deal all the same. The secret to this one is two cheeseburgers, fries and a drink, and that’s all. Oh, and the magic recipe is to always enjoy the meal.


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