The Strange Tactics Fast-Food Restaurants Employ …See Why You Keep Going Back

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There are many varying opinions about fast food establishments these days. Some like to go for the healthier options like Chipotle, while others are there for convenience and speed.

Classic fast-food chains are more willing to experiment with their menus to bring in new customers. Their marketing ploys have become part of the norm now. The latest trend offering something beyond sodas in choices like sports drinks and bottled waters. But now restaurants are swinging back in the other direction to offer something for the hardcore fast food customer.

Listed below are some of the latest marketing campaigns to win over customers… Not exactly the most healthy of options, but it’s obvious the target audience they’re going after here:

The Double Down Dog from KFC

In South Korea, this crazy combination was sold in January. It’s for those times when fried chicken just isn’t enough.



The American Thickburger from Carl’s Jr.’s/ Hardee’s

This artery-clogging creation was released around Memorial Day. Just in time for some heart-stopping patriotic fast-food pig-out day. Chips, burger patty, and hot dogs. It’s hard to know where to start with this better-not-eat-it culinary experiment.

Hot Dog and Pizza from Pizza Hut

We’re not really sure who Pizza Hut is targeting here, but for many pizza purists, this strange combination is heresy.

Taco Bell’s Delivery Service

Taco Bell started offering delivery service but only in selected locations—San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles. Since it was a success, the company will now look into expanding their delivery services in other cities.



Peace Day Offering from Burger King

Burger King wanted to collaborate with fast-food giant McDonald’s for Peace Day in September, but the idea was rejected by the Golden Arches.

Four other fast-food places joined forces with BK for the Peace Burger, which was sold at an Atlanta pop-up restaurant on September 21.

Black Whopper from Burger King

The Halloween Black Whopper was released in September, a whole month early for the Halloween festivities. This burger gained a lot of attention in the press, especially when one discovers the green surprise for those courageous to eat one.



Chicken-Shell Taco from Taco Bell

KFC‘s Double Down came out in 2010. Not to be outdone, Taco Bell came up with their own Naked Crispy Chicken Taco.

All Day Breakfast by McDonald’s

This was popular for a few days, but soon customers realized the menu was limited to just a few items.

The Modern China Burger

This limited edition McDonald’s burger can only be bought in China and only until November 2. That silver bun is not very appealing.



Watch some of the fast-food chain commercials below:

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