These Foods May Seem Harmless But Are Actually Hazardous To Your Health


There are foods that can be considered bad for your health such as chocolates, but there are also foods or dishes that, if consumed, can be life threatening. The latter kind of foods are the ones you should be careful with and avoid.

The Durian Fruit


Durian fruit is well known for its distinctive smell. While its flesh is rich in vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to our health, we can’t say the same of its seeds, which are toxic if eaten uncooked. And if combined with alcohol, it could cause serious gastrointestinal problems.

Apricot Stones


You should be careful not to eat apricot stones because it can cause acute toxicity, even death, due to cyanogenic glycosides present in them which is converted into hydrogen cyanide in the human body when consumed.

Raw Cashew Nuts


You might be thinking how come cashew nut is dangerous when you already have tasted it and you’re just fine? That’s because cashews sold in the food stores are steamed (cooked) already. The process strips cashews of the poisonous chemical found in it which could be hazardous had you eaten it raw.

Star Fruit


People with kidney issues are advised to avoid eating this fruit. That’s because about 10 milliters of the fruit’s juice contain toxins which could severely damage your nerves and brains.

Monkey Brains


Monkey brain is a delicacy in many parts of Asia. Some eat it raw while others prefer it cooked. However, consuming this food may result in a degenerative neurological disorder which is fatal.


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