These Will Either Make Your Stomach Churn or Mouth Water… You Be the Judge!

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The world is a huge diversity of cultures and even more so when it comes to cuisines. If you have an iron stomach, or just love to experiment, then you’d probably want to try out these strange foods served in restaurants all over the world.

Live Drunk Shrimp (China)

Escamole Insect Egg Caviar (Mexico)

Casu Marzu Sheep Milk Cheese with Live Maggots (Sardinia)



Haggis Sheep Lungs in Boiled in Sheep Stomach (Scotland)

A-Ping Fried Tarantula (Cambodia)

Tuna Eyeballs (China and Japan)



Fried Brain Sandwich (India)

Shirako Sushi Raw Fish Semen (Japan)

Khash Dish Cow Feet, Head, and Stomach (Middle Eastern Countries)



Bird’s Nest Soup (China and Some Parts of Asia)

Mountain Oysters Bull Calf Testicles (North America)

Balut Mature Duck Egg Embryo (Philippines)



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