Indian Villager Shocks World with Odd Eating Habit, Says He Prefers Mud over Fried Chicken

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You may have seen a lot of people eat bizarre foods. However, none of them might have consumed something that would parallel Pakkirappa Hunagundi‘s very strange eating habit. Why? Because this Indian villager lives off mud, gravel, and bricks.

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Hunagundi, who is 30 years old, has been addicted to eating his very unusual “snacks” since he was ten years old. At a young age, he started munching on the streets and walls of Karanataka, India. Although he has been eating these technically inedible snacks for quite some time now, he claims that he suffers no kind of illness.

Hunagundi has shunned all forms of advice telling him to stop his addiction. His mother has even spent 20 years trying to stop him from eating bricks, mud, and gravel, but her efforts were left fruitless. Hunagundi has no intentions of stopping and plans to continue his odd cravings, which according to him is much better than “divine nectar.”

Hunagundi has now gained quite the popularity since a lot of people are eager to see him and his odd eating habit. According to him, the fame is a good thing because he plans to make use of his talent to earn some money for his family by traveling across the country and showcasing his act to those who are interested.

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