25 Dainty Wedding Cakes That Added Color to the Year 2015

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Wedding is the celebration of the union between two people in love. What better way to make it perfect than serving festive cakes?

To help you, we’ve rounded up the most beautiful designs out there. Have a look at our list below and prepare to swoon.

A Grandiose Mix of Lilac and Lace

Artistically Minimalist Cake

Because less is more.

This Six-Tier Cake with Elegant Handmade Roses

Colorful Confetti Cake

Aristocratic Cake

To make every bride feel like the queen she really is.

This Ode to Modern Art



A Two-Tier Cake with a Sensual Touch

Cake Inspired by Stained Glass Art

For the nontraditional artistic couples out there.

Whimsical Swan-Like Cake

A Unique Cake Inspired by Geodes

Charming and Delicate Teacup Cake

Watercolor Cake That Defines Luxury

This Canvas in a Cake



Scroll down for video.

A Unique Superhero Concept Cake

This Hand-Painted Mural

Croquembouche Cake

Who says cakes have to be made of chiffon and buttercream frosting?

This Artistic Masterpiece Adorned with Roses

Raspberry Cake

Perfect for that rustic wedding.

This Delectable Perfection



An Alluring Black-and-Gold Cake

Wanderlust Cake

Fitting for nomadic soulmates.

Pretty in Peach Cake

A Unique Geometric Cake

Golden Glam Cake with a Touch of Frill

Tropical Island Cake



View more of these cakes with this video below.


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